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Participate 4 – Digital Safety and Security

Feel free to share this video in your classroom or on your DLC webpage, blog, or other social media sites. 100% Iron-Man approved!

Here’s a couple things Iron Man missed:

  • Remember never to download anything from a site that is not 100% legit. Make sure you know exactly what files you’re getting and that the site is reputable.
  • Beware of phishing attempts. Con-men love to send out emails claiming to be from a business or bank, asking for your passwords or other forms of identifiable information. Always double-check before sending anything private or personal over the Internet.
  • When in doubt, look up at the URL bar. Do you see “https” at the front of the address? If so, you’re on a secure site. If not, beware.
  • Always keep your security software up to date. That includes updating your OS.

Participate 1 – Joining a DLC

UPDATE: Sorry! I found it. The list of DLCs, I mean. Here is what I use:

I use Symbaloo to organize all my bookmarks for school. You can see it at this address: http://www.symbaloo.com/home/mix/13ePLS3932

You may have to log in to view it.

I use Edutopia and Edmodo in the classroom. Edutopia is great because I’m able to find resources and also seek feedback and support from fellow teachers near and far.

My co-teacher and I use Edmodo to share PowerPoints and Prezis with students, as well as to provide a place for students and teachers to seek instant feedback and information from each other. Sadly, most of my resource students either don’t have computers or don’t bring them to class charged. We only have three desktops in the back, and they run very slowly. Also, it’s a struggle getting them to actually DO the lesson instead of logging on to a VPN and playing Superfighters.

As for the tagging part. Still no idea how I’m supposed to do that. You mean tagging this post? I can do that.

Side note: Has anyone else noticed how so many of these websites have the same layouts for their homepages? Are they all owned/created by the same company? It’s bizarre. Seriously, check it out. Edmodo, Symbaloo, Thrively. They all have the same design! Live-action photo of a happy kid overlaid with links for registration and sign-in. Contact info on the bottom, description and title of site off to the side. Maybe that’s just the fashion now?