Participate 4 – Digital Health

Create: Create a digital calendar containing scheduled appointments designed to improve digital health. Embed the calendar (or include a screenshot of the calendar) in your blog.

I don’t have/use a digital calendar. I prefer to rely on paper/pencil calendars, as constantly checking my phone drains the battery. However, I do use a calendar for my job at Fulton County Schools. I will not place a screenshot, as some of the information is sensitive. However, I can give you a look at what an average June day looks like for me.

For VT

I take my calendar with me everywhere I go, and I use digital resources to supplement it. At work, we use the Outlook calendar. I also use my phone’s digital calendar as a backup if I don’t have my calendar.

Answer: How did you modify your technology habits? What is the most proactive means of ensuring the most balanced blend of technology and well-being? What can students and teachers do to make sure they get the most from technology while simultaneously safeguarding good health?

I have set times for working at the computer. I try and set prescribed times for answering emails, applying to job openings, performing research, and planning lessons. Teachers and parents need to work together to help students find a comfortable balance between online and IRL activities. There’s nothing wrong with gaming for a few hours on the weekend, but excessive gaming during the week can lead to loss of sleep and productivity. Sitting for too many hours, in whatever position, is unhealthy. We need to teach students to take time every day for some sort of physical activity. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean strenuous exercise. It can be as simple as going for a walk, cleaning the house, or constructing models.


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