Participate 4 – Digital Safety and Security

Feel free to share this video in your classroom or on your DLC webpage, blog, or other social media sites. 100% Iron-Man approved!

Here’s a couple things Iron Man missed:

  • Remember never to download anything from a site that is not 100% legit. Make sure you know exactly what files you’re getting and that the site is reputable.
  • Beware of phishing attempts. Con-men love to send out emails claiming to be from a business or bank, asking for your passwords or other forms of identifiable information. Always double-check before sending anything private or personal over the Internet.
  • When in doubt, look up at the URL bar. Do you see “https” at the front of the address? If so, you’re on a secure site. If not, beware.
  • Always keep your security software up to date. That includes updating your OS.


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