Participate 4 – Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Artifact: Formulate a plan for supporting and protecting a Digital Learning Community through Digital Rights and Responsibilities.  Share your plan in your blog.

At school, we support our digital learning community by making sure all students have access to technology whether at school or at home. We also teach students expectations for behavior online, offering yearly seminars during advisement to train students how to be good digital citizens. This training includes an examination of copyright law and lessons on safety.

1. How can a DLC ensure that citizens within the community have access to an environment where an AUP protects members as well as the community itself, where individuals uphold laws, and a cooperative/collective venture provides robust, safe, and ethical resources and opportunities for learning?

DLCs can offer resources to citizens so that they are properly educated on the laws and expectations regarding digital rights and responsibilities. Moderators in forums as well as moderating educators can discuss with students on their choices in content and presentation.

2. What is the best way to establish and maintain a flourishing DLC where citizens understand, observe, and are inclined to willingly support and ultimately benefit from Digital Rights and Responsibilities?

In the classroom, teachers foster a culture of safety, responsibility, and respect. They can do this through offering resources and teaching expectations to students. In the same way, DLCs can make their expectations known and have consequences for violation. Students must understand the options they have for exercising their rights and not violating the rights of others.


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