Participate 3- Digital Resources and Netiquette

Should I post it? This is the thought that must run through our minds whenever we put something on the Internet. Here’s a handy diagram to get you through most online discussions with your reputation intact!

shouldipostitBut what does it all mean?

Be polite, avoid embarrassing yourself or others, and post with kindness. If you want to share something trivial or funny, that is ok, but you need to make sure it is appropriate to the audience and situation.

For more information on when and when not to post, check out these resources:

Netiquette Guidelines from Edutopia: A good introduction to the basics

Core Rules of Netiquette from Colorado State: Reminders to use proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics; be aware of your cyber-surroundings; and adhere to the same guidelines for proper behavior online as you do in the real world.

Educators Technology: This site provides many of the same guidelines but ALSO has information for other educational technologies and online tools. This site also contains handy infographics teachers can use to help share this knowledge with their students.


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