Participate 1 – Ideal Digital Learning Communities

Consider what would be needed to create an ideal digital learning community.

An ideal digital learning community would need to combine something student-driven with teacher supervision. Ideally, a place where students would be free to pursue their own interests and, in doing so, arrive at a true liberal arts education. Diving into science fiction feeds a hunger for scientific knowledge. Once you get to a certain point in science, you need math, so you go back and learn algebra, calculus, and trigonometry on your own.

What would be needed to bring such a vision to fruition?


What can one do to make an existing DLC more attractive to and welcoming for students and teachers?

Having some degree of choice makes things more attractive on principle. It’s hard to get excited about something someone from outside says you have to do. But choice, even minimal choice, gives teacher and student alike an element of power, being able to pick the DLC they feel more comfortable with. After all, we have to be able to choose our own communities.


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