Participate 1- Character Traits

Good digital citizens exemplify a number of positive character traits including:

  • Awareness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Good judgment

Awareness means being alerted to the various forms of danger which exist in the digital world, including phishing and other types of email scams. It also means familiarizing oneself with copyright law and being mindful of using third-party media in a professional manner.

Conscientiousness refers to one’s behavior on social media. For example, conscientious digital citizens avoid flame wars, trolling, and other forms of online bullying. Digital citizens must also be aware of when and where to use humor, as oftentimes humor — and especially sarcasm — does not translate well in written form.

Good judgment refers to protecting one’s physical, social, and financial well-being while on the Internet, including remembering not to give out passwords and checking to make sure sites are secure before entering any type of credit card information. Exercising good judgment also includes knowing when to notify an adult or cease communication when the student suspects criminal or other dangerous behavior is taking place on social media.


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